How to check your debt

Paying Alam contributions is not a very pleasant experience for people who want to take care of their finances, because such contributions usually go a lot of money. However, they have to be paid for, but not everyone takes this obligation seriously. Sometimes, there are considerable arrears on the account, but not everyone remembers about them. However, it is always possible to check such backlogs to have an idea of ​​what specific situation a person is in. Checking the debt in Alam is not too time-consuming or complicated, so anyone can decide on such a move whenever they want. The smallest debts held in Alam may result in the payer being deprived of insurance. This is very unfavorable information for payers, so you should watch over your contributions so that there will not be any major disappointments related to this.

Obtaining the appropriate certificate

If you want to check your Alam account status, you can always apply for a Alam-EWN certificate. Then fill out the appropriate application, and then a person can find out how his situation looks from the institutional side. This is very important because such certificates of no backlog are useful when:

  • the payer applies for a bank loan,
  • the payer takes part in tenders important for the company.

So it is clear that many people take this very seriously, because this type of certificate may affect their near future. Therefore, it is worth not falling behind with any contributions, because even the smallest debts will be recorded on the certificate received from Alam, and then the decision to grant a cash loan to the payer may not be very favorable. Currently, you can apply for a certificate in several ways, you can submit an application in paper form and send it by registered mail, or take it to the Social Insurance Institution (Alam) yourself, depending on the preferences of persons applying for such certificates.

It is possible to submit an application online


Very good information for all payers is that you can submit such applications online. This means that you will not have to stand in long queues at Alam, and just a few mouse clicks and the application will be sent online. Then, however, you need to have an account on a special platform, which is called the Electronic Services Platform. It is with her help that you can submit online applications without any problems and thus avoid long queues at the office. More and more people are choosing to take advantage of this opportunity, especially since it is not too difficult, and significantly simplifies the life of overworked people who do not have enough free time to personally go to the office and wait for their turn. More importantly, you won’t have to pay any money for issuing such a certificate, it’s completely free. In some cases, a representative may apply for such a request in the name of the payer.

Information on what contributions are on the certificate?

By receiving such a certificate from Alam, you can definitely broaden your knowledge and prepare yourself for various eventualities. The certificate contains information about premiums for such insurance as:

  • medical insurance,
  • Labor Fund,
  • social security,
  • Bridging Pension Fund,
  • Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund.

Everything is detailed, so everyone will be able to get it without the slightest hassle. Then the payer will see if he has any arrears on his account or whether his account is completely clean and there is nothing to fear when applying for a loan at the bank. It is worth first to choose such a certificate, because you can save yourself a lot of nerves, but also shame. Then banks will definitely be a more credible person, which is why the chances of getting a loan will increase significantly.

How long does it take to get the certificate?

Payers submitting such applications often wonder how long they will wait for such a certificate, because in some cases time is chasing a person and they want to have the certificate as soon as possible. The answer is very simple, if there is no arrears on the payer’s account, the document will be received almost immediately, even the next day. However, if something goes wrong and backlogs are detected, the waiting time can be extended to up to 7 days. However, this will be a clear sign for the payer that his account is not clean and there are arrears that will have to be faced. In the situation when an online application is submitted, the same platform will receive a reply, so you will not have to go to the office in person, which is a very beneficial solution for many people. You can see that finding out if you have any debt in Alam ( Social Insurance Institution ) or not is not at all difficult and everyone can find out about it for yourself.

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